Monday, 27 March 2017
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Mason Bee Experience
In the Spring the children experience the life cycle of the Mason Bee.
A Time To Share
Sharing and Presenting information is a special time for the presenter and a bonding time for everyone.
The Challenge
Each day brings another exciting challenge.
Discovering the magic of life, as it changes before their eyes.
We are reminded each day that love demonstrated is love remembered.
Time To Play
On a nice day the children enjoy the play area.
The Train
Playing train is always fun on a sunny day.
The Class Photo
In the woods on a sunny day... and standing still.

The Child

Your child is a unique individual. Our Montessori program recognizes the unique needs of all children as they progress through natural developmental stages. Maria Montessori developed an approach to teaching based on her extensive observations of children's natural needs and tendencies. It was her belief, as it is ours, that children learn by doing. Acorn Montessori's core program is based on developing the child's individual potential through the use of specifically designed materials in the prepared environment of the classroom. 

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The Program

Acorn Montessori provides students in preschool and kindergarten with a solid foundation in all academic areas and opportunities for becoming independent, self-motivated learners.   By looking at the “whole child,” rather than children as a group of equally adept learners, our Montessori teachers are able to address the needs of each child and work with them to reach their fullest potential.

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The Facility

Acorn Montessori is co-located in the Wooden Cross Lutheran Church.  Acorn Montessori is an independent entity and is not  affiliated with the Church.  We do not teach, practice or share the Lutheran faith.  The church property however is used to directly benefit the children.  The seven acre property is located in a very safe neighborhood and presents a park like setting with abundant wildlife.  

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I really like Ms. Yasmin.  She does so much fun math stuff with me.  She helped me read.  I love all the map work.  She taught me about my heart and blood and bladder.  Do you know how much your bladder weighs?  She is my favorite teacher!  (he dictated to his mother) - 6/15/2011

Both our daughters have gone to Acorn and Ms. Yasmin is a dream. Our kids have learned so much under her care. Yasmin takes kids from 2 ½ through 6 years and her class size is wicked small. If you are looking to place your child in a nurturing environment where they’ll actually learn and not just looked after, please consider Acorn. Competitive rates too!  -  11/11/2013

We now are looking to expand our classroom because we don’t have enough openings!!! (What a GREAT “problem to have!).  Yasmin has also implemented some wonderful value added activities to this year’s class!  She arranged a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast for the children and their families, which was a huge hit!  That went so well that she worked with our ballet teacher to put on a Nutcracker performance, which was absolutely precious.  The parent participation in her class is amazing with not one but both parents in attendance at these mid-day events.

Yasmin has gone ABOVE and BEYOND day-after-day and we want to congratulate her on a job WELL DONE.  She is a very dedicated teacher who ALWAYS has a smile on her face.

Yasmin, thanks so much for your smile, dedication and love of the classroom.  Lets look into cloning you!  - 12/15/2009

If I had bazillion dollars to give you, it wouldn’t be enough to say thank you for being such a special teacher and person in Hudson’s life. You make the world a better place!  So very true!  Onward and upward.  Thank you for your creativity and the passion you feel for teaching.  Hudson is truly a smarter, more cultured, loving, curious little boy because of you!  When Hudson graduates from college we’ll save a seat for you because you helped set him on that path!  You are amazing! - 6/15/2011

I have seen you with the kids and I have seen you just as a person, and I want you to know I think you are amazing.  You have such a gift.  You are the most loving and caring person I have ever met and I really do mean that.  As far as with the children, you are such a talented teacher.  Every time I was in your class I would watch carefully so that I could learn from you.  You have such good techniques and such a wonderful teaching style.  It was so nice to have you as a role model and to learn so much from your teachings.  And I could see in each child’s face the love they had for you each and every day.  -  6/14/2010

Ms. Yasmin is a wonderful teacher/educator and someone who not only makes the school fun but also one where the kids are indulged with various aspects of learning; Irish folks dancers who perform, nest building, learning about photosynthesis and the lifecycle of plants…there are so many great examples to cite.   Just a fabulous environment overall. - 10/29/2013

Our daughter started Acorn Montessori at the age of 2 ½, with Ms. Yasmin as her teacher and stayed there for 3 years. We had the most amazing experience thanks to the dedication and support of her teacher and enriched program. She started reading at the age of 4 and now a student in the private school, her reading has increased dramatically and she received AR awards for being top in her class. Additionally her math skills are well advanced compared to other children. Montessori is such an excellent environment for a child’s development, and Acorn is the best of Montessori. We are proud to have been part of the Acorn Montessori family, and highly recommend this school.  -  4/11/2014

Thank you so much for the wonderful year you have given William.  He looks forward to going to school now all because of you!  I can’t tell how much I appreciate all your help with his speech.  He has come a long way and I couldn’t have done it without your help.  Thank you for a great year and I know William can’t wait to be in your class everyday. - 6/13/11